Defending Delaware County clients charged with driving under the influence
Tipping the Scales in Your Favor

Delaware County DUI Defense Lawyer

I practice DUI / drunk driving / driving under the influence defense. As a Delaware County DUI defense lawyer, I provide clients with strong, forceful and unrelenting advocacy. I handle DUI cases in the courts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania including Media, Broomall and Newtown Square. On occasion I represent clients in adjacent counties as well.

I take my obligation to defend each client very seriously, and I do not allow clients to plead guilty on any DUI matters unless absolutely necessary. Where possible, I get charges dismissed or have my client admitted into the Delaware County ARD Program - a special program for first time DUI clients that keeps them out of jail and out of trouble.

When it becomes necessary to file suppression motions to keep DUI evidence, such as blood alcohol content or breath test results, out of court, I file all the necessary motions and argue before the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas to keep all incriminating evidence from being considered. Essentially, I take all necessary actions to defend the DUI client.

The law is a service profession. Because I strive to provide the best possible service for my clients at all times, I make myself available to clients after hours. I give clients my cell phone number and let them know that I am there for them, any time they need me. My Delaware County clients appreciate being able to reach me whenever they have a question about their legal needs.

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About Christopher Hemmel

Christopher Hemmel has been a licensed attorney since 1992. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Eastern College in Saint Davids, Pennsylvania and earned his law degree from Widener University School of Law in Wilmington, Delaware. He practices exclusively in the field of criminal law and DUI law in Delaware County and the surrounding communities.